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Torres del Paine | National Park Rules

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The main aim of CONAF's rules & recommendations is to preserve the pristine national parks they have in Chile & keep human damage to an absolute minimum. If you are considering doing to W Trek, O Circuit or even day hikes in the Torres del Paine National Park it is important to read through the below.

Torres del Paine National Park rules & recommendations

Do everything you can to prevent forest fires

  • Free campfires are strictly prohibited under any circumstances.

  • Only cook in designated areas of campsites, never outside of campsites.

  • When using fire in authorised places take care, keep an eye on weather conditions to reduce risk.

  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke in protected areas.

  • Do not burn litter or food waste.

  • If you spot a forest fire do not tackle it alone, stay away & notify the park rangers.

  • If there is a forest fire, follow park rangers instructions.

Leave no trace

  • Take all of your rubbish with you. If you see any rubbish on the trail that another trekker has accidently dropped pick it up & dispose of it in the appropriate places.

  • Only camp in designated campsites & shelters.

  • Pets are prohibited anywhere within the park.

  • Do not feed the wild animals.

Self-care & care for others in the park

  • Always stick to trails & only hike within permitted times.

  • Always take a map & compass/GPS.

  • Wear appropriate clothing for your activity in the park.

  • Take plenty of supplies & water.

  • Listen to the park rangers instructions.

  • If you see anyone else behaving dangerously, report it to a park ranger.

  • Do not leave an injured person alone unless it can't be avoided, in this case mark the exact location for the rescue team.

  • If you do find an injured person only apply first aid if you are trained to do so & request help from the park rangers ASAP. Once reported remain available for the rescue team.

In case of emergency, phone numbers are as follows


131 Ambulance

132 Fire

133 Police

134 Civil Police

Penalty for not following park rules

Expulsion from the park, legal action & even deportation for foreign visitors.



Feb 27, 2023

Love love love reading your blogs and seeing your stunning pics of your travels. Absolutely out of this world x so informative and allows us to get such a vivid picture of the places you go to that we could only ever dream of visiting x fabulous x thank you and please continue to enjoy and share your amazing adventures with us xxx

Dave and Becca
Dave and Becca
Apr 22, 2023
Replying to

Ahh this is so lovely to hear, thanks so much ☺️

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