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Travel blog directory

Being avid travellers we have used our fair share of travel blogs in our time.  We have put together this list of travel blogs to give some love back to some of the best ones we've used. We know from experience that when you are looking for travel inspiration or are researching a particular destination it's best to get information from multiple sources. Whilst we hope the articles on our blog are both enjoyable and useful, we have put together this travel blog directory to point you in the right direction of some great blogs that will either fill in the gaps for places we haven't written about or provide additional information and a different perspective about ones we have.

South American Travel Blogs

Best Brazil travel blogs

We absolutely loved our time in Brazil, we only just scratched the surface in the month we spent there and it it 100% on the list to revisit. Here are some great blog posts covering Brazil

Bring us that horizon - Yes, I know it's us & you've seen our name a lot but our post on the self driving the Northern Pantanal is absolutely awesome if you love nature!

Best Patagonia travel blogs

Yes we know Patagonia isn't a country before anyone tries to berate our geography, but when visiting this wonderful region of the world it is best to treat it as one as more than likely you will be jumping from Argentina to Chile then back again. For our recent trip to Patagonia where we completed the O Circuit in the Torres del Paine we found these blogs amazing help;

Stingy Nomads - The detail which they go into on Stingy Nomad's O Circuit guide is awesome.

Career Gappers - When planning our route through Patagonia, Career Gappers itinerary post made sorting our so much easier.

Bring us that horizon - After our trip to Patagonia, we thought we'd throw our hat in the mix too. Check out our W TrekO Circuit & Torres del Paine packing list posts. I know we are bias but we think they are great!

Central American Travel Blogs

Best Mexico travel blogs

As we write this travel blog directory we are currently in beautiful city of San Cristobel in Mexico & we are actually coming to the end of 10 weeks in Mexico. During our time here the blogs we have found particularly helpful have been.

Claire's itchy feet - When we were starting our research for Mexico Claire's suggested itinerary for Mexico was really great as there is so many places to see in Mexico, her itinerary was a great foundation.

Mexico Dave - We first came across Mexico Dave at the start of our trip in the Yucatan Peninsular & found his post on Tulum really helpful. After that point when doing our research we looked out for Dave's posts.

Best Panama travel blogs

We read loads of blogs before during and and after our time in Panama. We only ended up spending a relatively short amount of time in Panama due to it being relatively pricey compared to our meagre budget. That doesn't mean we don't plan to go back though. Here are our favourite blogs on Panama;

Expert Vagabond - We've read loads of Matt's blogs over the years so don't just suggest checking out his Panama articles but we particularly enjoyed (if that's the right word) reading about his turmoil in the Darien gap. Check out about Matt being poisoned in the middle of nowhere here and check out a few of his other posts whilst you're there as I'm sure you will love them too!

European Travel Blogs

Best Spain travel blogs

Spain the home of Flamenco, tapas, pintoxs & paella, we've visited Spain loads of times in the past but only once since starting our blog. On our recent trip to Spain in our campervan, here are the blogs we used

Salt in our hair  - We loved how extensively Salt in our hair had covered Spain, their story reminds us a lot of our own well at least what we hope ours will be. Keep writing guys!

Bring us that horizon - One of our favourite things when it comes to travel is experiencing food and drink around the world. Check our our post in one of the food and drink capitals of the world, San Sebastian.

Best Switzerland travel blogs

On our trip to Switzerland in out campervan we spent the majority of our time hiking as it's a free activity & Switzerland is expensive! Here are our favourite Switzerland blogs

Journey Era  - When we were hiking in Switzerland Journey Era was our go to blog, Jackson seemed to have hiked every hike we thought about and being able to visit a consistent blog to work out how hard something would be is invaluable. 

Bring us that horizon - On our short trip to Switzerland we fell in love with the country. Yes it is expensive but there are still ways to make things achievable on a shoestring. Check out our journey through Switzerland here.

Asian Travel Blogs

Cambodian travel blogs

It's been a number of years since our trip through Asia but that doesn't mean we don't love to reminisce. We absolutely loved Cambodia and it is sure on our list to go back to! Here are our favourite Cambodian travel blogs

Nomadic Notes  - James at Nomadic Notes covers some great train travel around the world, especially in South East Asia. One post which really brought some memories back was his piece on the Bamboo Railway in Cambodia!

Inspiring Travel Blogs

Best of British travel blogs

Being a British couple ourselves we naturally enjoy reading peoples back stories that sit a little closer to home. We have added the below list to our travel blog directory to celebrate blogs about Britain but more to celebrate some of the great work some of our fellow countrymen are doing.

Along Dusty Roads - These guys have been around years now & we've lost count of the amount of times we've stumbled across their work whilst doing our research. The thing we like most about the Along Dusty Roads blog are some of the shots they capture, you almost feel transported to the moment it was taken. 

Career Gappers - Another travel couple from our home country. We love how well their story resonates with theirs. Their ethos is to encourage people that it's not too late to take a career gap. As we are currently on our 3rd career gap we couldn't agree more!

Bring us that Horizon - Well it would be rude not to mention ourselves here!

Best blogs for travel inspiration

When it comes to researching a travel destination we feel it comes about in multiple stages, stage 1 is the inspiration stage, it's not about how much it will cost you or any nitty gritty details. It's when you are actually deciding whether a certain destination should be the next place you visit or deserves to be on  your bucket list . This section of our travel blog directory is for the best blogs for igniting that initial flame for us

Rough Guides - Back in the day we found the same thing when it came to travel guides too, Rough guides were just great at painting a picture where as Lonely Planet we much better for whilst you are in a country. Our first stage when researching a new country was to visit Rough Guides must see post about a place, there was just no better place! Now they've replaced it with best things to do, I personally preferred their must see pages but it still gives the high level detail you need for tertiary research.

Best practical planning blogs

When it comes to practical blogs, these are the ones that you can rely on to give you the information facts like daily budget, is it safe & some more in depth details than you go into on the inspiration stage. This section of our travel blog directory is for the best blogs for reliable pre travel details;

Nomadic Matt - We just don't find there is anyone else we would turn to when deciding our daily budget. We love how consistent his budgets are & we know we sit at pretty much a mid point between backpacker & mid-range on his scale.

Get in touch

Hopefully you understand from our travel blog directory this is not a link for link thing by pretending to list every blog on the internet, lets face it there are search engines for that.


To be featured in our travel blog directory please get in touch either by one of our socials below (check out our Linktree for other options) or by email to stating what on your blog is worthy of our directory, whether it's a great story post, a funny travel mishap, amazing travel guide or inspiring itinerary. We know from experience starting up a blog is a tough gig so no matter how big or small your blog is, if you have great content we are happy to feature you. 


Our aim with this directory is sharing some love, of course if you do like any of our material please link to it, it really helps!! 😀

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