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Bring us that horizon

Walking down the beach at sunset on Zanzibar

Hoping to inspire you to explore what lies between the sea & the skies

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Welcome to bring us that horizon

Hi, we are Dave and Becca, two thirty-somethings from the north of England.  

Thank you for visiting our travel blog, we hope you enjoy it! 

We have been keen travellers since our early 20s. On our travels together we have explored 57 countries and counting! We only started our blog on our most recent travels, but we are more than happy to share our experiences and give any ideas, tips and advice we can from previous travels, so don’t hesitate to reach out or ask a question. Just email us on

Previous trips, not featured on this blog yet include much more of both western and eastern Europe, South East Asia, India, South Korea, Australia & New Zealand. Ask the question, we may just know the answer 😊

We are currently travelling through central and South America, blogging as we go. Have you been to Central America?

Our blog contains travel advice & budgets from the perspective of a backpacking travel couple. We are keen walkers so if hiking is a bit of you check out our Climbing Kilimanjaro and O Circuit, Patagonia blogs. If beaches are more your thing, read our Ihla Grande, Brazil post (actually there’s a bit of hiking in there too!) or our Isla Holbox, Mexico blog for inspiration. Equally, reach out to us if you are travelling to Thailand or Malaysia, there are some pretty awesome beaches there too! I can never decide the answer to that old age question; beach or mountains? I say, why choose, do both! For epic mountains read our Argentina, Patagonia posts or check out our Austria and Switzerland blogs.

We generally travel on a pretty strict budget, but love to splurge every now and again – usually on food and drink! We have tried to share some of our recent spending in certain countries to help you research and plan your own budget, but also check out our travel tips page for some great budgeting and money saving advice.  

Click, if you want to read more about our story, & how we ended up ditching the 9-5 multiple times,. 😊

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