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How to get from Palomino to Minca by bus

The route from Palomino to Minca is a well-trodden one on the Gringo trail. This however doesn’t mean that there is a direct bus. You could always splash out on a taxi if you’re flash-packing, but for those on a budget, this guide will have you covered for how to get from Palomino to Minca by bus.

The obvious route would be to jump on the public bus from the main road back to the central market in Santa Marta and grab another public up to Minca. The good news is that there is an option which shortens the route slightly, by not having to get a bus all the way into the centre of Santa Marta.

Map for how to get from Palomino to Minca

How to get from Palomino to Minca

Bus from Palomino to Mamatoco

The buses leave from the main road outside Palomino roughly every 20 minutes. The bus starts from there so you may find one waiting and the conductor shouting 'Santa Marta' at all men, women, dogs and chickens in the vicinity, trying to drum up trade. Let the conductor know that you would like to head to Minca & therefore would like to leave the bus at Mamatoco (junction on the outskirts of Santa Marta, where all buses pass and stop on the routes between Santa Marta and Minca/Palomina) and he will bustle you onto the bus no problem. If there is room your bags will go underneath the bus, however, if that’s full they will keep the driver company up front.

The bus from Palomino to Mamatoco will take roughly 90 minutes, the price at the time of writing/travelling (July 23) was COP 12,000.

Bus from Mamatoco to Minca

Upon arriving at Matatoco the next and final step on your journey from Palomino to Minca is to get the bus from Matatoco to Minca. The bus will drop you off outside Transportadora Sierra Mar S.A.S. Buy your ticket & take a seat in the waiting room.

The shuttle from Matatoco to Minca costs COP 9,000 and takes about 30 minutes.


It is much easier to jump in a taxi between Palomino & Minca, but the journey is also a really easy one to travel using public transport.

If you take this journey we’d love to hear how you get on and please let us know if and when the prices change so we can help other travellers like you.

Happy travels!

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