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9 must try taco fillings | Get ready for Mexican food heaven!!

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

There are so many taco fillings that we could cover but decided to just cover our favourites. Of course go wild if you see something you like but try to find these if you can, I’m sure you will love them! Although we've called this taco fillings, most carts/restaurants won't just have tacos & it's the same filling for all types of tortillas. For example you can ask for Quesadilla con pastor or Gringas con bistek (to find out all you need to know about the difference tortilla snacks see our Mexican food post).


Top 9 taco fillings

Al Pastor flame grilled

1. Al Pastor (Shepherd style)

Al pastor (or just pastor) was available in every place we visited in Mexico & done well it is well up there as a favourite of ours. What you are looking for is a large spit of meat (a bit like what you would find donner kebab on) outside the front of a restaurant or taco stand. For it to be the best though it needs to be cooked fast!

Verdict = If you see a taco stand with loads of people at & flames on full pelt (it’s actually cooked with flames rather than electric hot lamps for the best flavour) & the chef constantly carving the pastor make a beeline as these tacos will be awesome!

2. Cochinita Pibil

Chochinita Pibil or sometimes just referred to as Pibil is made by slow cooking pork in a spice mix called red recado & citrus juices (normally orange) for a minimum of 5 hours, but often much longer. This dish originates in the Yucatan region & dates back to the Mayans. Its pulled pork but on another level!

Verdict = another level, our favourite!

Blue marlin & chicken taco at La Cabana, Isla Holbox

3. Rajas

Rajas is a great veggie option (but sadly not vegan), it is made with strips of fresh pablano chillies (mild), corn, onion, coriander & cooked in crème de Pablano.

Verdict = A taste sensation!

4. Bistek a la Mexicano

This is a bit like a chilli con carne in a taco but with chunks of meat & much richer! It is made with bistek steak, garlic, onion, coriander, tomatoes, lemon & don’t forget the chillies!

Verdict = Wow!

5. Chorripapa

This simple but great filling is another one to try. Its just chorizo & potato, it lets Chorizo do its stuff to flavour, but the potatoes soak up the yummy flavours that release from the chorizo whilst it cooks.

Verdict = simple but amazing

6. Adobada

Is made with chucks of pork marinated in chilli (of course!), orange juice, coriander, garlic, cumin & oregano.

Verdict = yum

7. Tocina

Essentially bacon. Get yourself a taco con tocina in the morning with some spicy guacamole. There you have it, Mexicos answer to a bacon butty!!

Verdict = not a bacon butty but a great cheap alternative.

Taco con gambas

8. Pescado

Normally batter white fish (like what you would get with fish & chips) & a chunk is cut off & placed in the taco for you to top & eat.

Verdict = we're British so of course we love fish in batter.

9. Gambas

Again like the pescado the prawns are normally deep fried in batter & places in a taco got you to dress as you wish.

Verdict = great if fresh, only get them if you see a long queue of locals getting them.


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